My name is Chris Fitzsimons and welcome to my little Indie game development web site.

I was lucky enough to have been born before the creation of home computers and when they arrived, I was reborn at the age of 14!  I quickly learnt to program the VIC20, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, C64, BBC Micro, Apple II, bulky Commodore Pet and all the Amiga models.  My first game was called Airlock on the CBM PET and I proudly pinned the code listing to my bedroom wall like a poster.  After several projects and the wallpaper no longer visible by all the code listings (dot matrix printer output), my parents knew computing would be a career I would follow.

My favourite 8bit machine of all time was the C64 and coding demos and games in assembler was fun.  When I left school, I decided to go work for a large computer company running IBM mainframes.  It was 1988 and before I took the job, I had a chat with a company called Electric Dreams with the view to maybe going full time in game development.  Looking at how the industry was starting to change for the worse, I decided to stick with a more stable job.

Although I loved the C64, there was one game that consumed me.  This was a game on the ZX Spectrum where you collected parts to build a ship.  So simple yet very addictive.   

I decided in 2013 to make a similar game in a product called GameSalad.  I created a few versions.  One with scrolling landscape, another flip screen but ultimately abandoned them as they just did not capture the excitement of the original.

In 2019, I decided to restart the project and wanted to add a zoom feature to give it a little something extra.   I love this game!   This time I kept the game to 1 screen which gets progressively harder each level you complete.   People ask me why use GameSalad and not Unity or Unreal?   I wanted to prove to people that this type of game can be made with a simple drag and drop game engine which is used in schools today.

Why 3 parts to Jetman Galactic?

I wanted to tell a little story of the adventures of Jetman Galactic and make the games based on some of my favourites.   Part 1 is called Jetman Galactic Missile Defence and is based off a real classic from the early 80’s.  The second game, Part 2 - Jetman Galactic Mars is based from one of my favourite games from the ZX Spectrum and the third game in the series will be 3D and made with Unity.  I may rewrite Jetman Galactic Mars in Unity as a comparison in performance on the mobile platform.

Tell me about the story?

Part 1 - Jetman Galactic Missile Defence

The story so far…

The Earth is no longer habitable, and the last few thousand people are in the process of being moved to a mega space station with its own artificial sun on the edge of our solar system.

Unfortunately, moon base alpha is being bombarded with meteor showers and Jetman alone on the base is determined to save the last remaining rocket ships from destruction.   It is believed an alien race has caused this tragic event and while all other personnel have abandoned the base, Jetman will always give it his all for humanity.

When moon base alpha survives a wave of meteors, Jetman is rewarded with more missiles to defend the remaining rockets.

This game was inspired by the classic Missile Command game, Jetman Galactic Missile Defence aims to bring new challenges while retaining that classic game play feeling.

Part 2 - Jetman Galactic Mars

The story continues…

After the destruction of moon base alpha, Jetman has taken on an even more dangerous mission on Mars.   Androids have arrived at the moon base and rebuilding will take place once materials arrive from Jetmans Mars mission.

Mars is a planet with rare minerals and metals and was once a mining colony.  Androids have been activated and while they attend to mining operations, Jetman is receiving drop crates with rocket parts which need to be assembled before vital ore is taken by the assembled rockets back to moon base alpha.  Once those rocket ships offload the ore, they are refitted and sent to rescue the remaining humans on earth.

Based on a classic ZX Spectrum game from 80’s.  Jetman Galactic has all the ingredient’s for a successful fun game.

Part 3 - Jetman Galactic Androids Revenge

The story is not over….

After a successful mission on Mars, Jetman Galactic has been promoted to the head of humanity’s interplanetary space force.  He’s now the go to guy to get missions done!  

A new mission is now underway and takes him back to Mars.  The Android workers and engineers responsible for mining and processing of rare elements have gone rouge.  Nobody knows who or what changed their programming but now they have gone on lock down and defend Mars against anyone or anything that tries to land and enter the base.

This will be a difficult challenge for Jetman.  Not only does he have to negotiate the underground base on Mars, he needs to recover and transport key technologies away from the base and deactivate any Androids he encounters.

Click on the images below for more information on my games.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Chris the creator of HappyZoidGames!


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